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About Us


Welcome To CKGP/PW

CKGP/PW & Associates is a combination of highly skilled and experienced Manufacturing and Paint Process Engineering Personnel sharing one common goal for decades; to provide unbiased engineering solutions based on our clients’ goals and objectives.

Effective July 2017, CKGP/PW & Associates, Inc. has become part of EDAG Production Solutions Group.  Therefore, our clients profit not only from our traditional capabilities but also from those of the global EDAG Group.

We treat each project as an opportunity to improve efficiency and to reduce costs.  Lessons learned from over 44 years of service plays a critical role in our ability to find opportunities to improve processes and reduce costs.

Manufacturers today, more than ever, are tasked with having to provide a quality product, with less capital and limited resources.  CKGP/PW’s market niche is to provide cost effective Manufacturing and Paint Process facility solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our projects range from small one-day assignments to large multi-year full service programs.

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