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Start of Production


Start of Production

CKGP/PW provides support during the critical start-up and debug phase of manufacturing programs.  We assist our clients through pilot, pre-production and full production phases of the program.  Typical services include:

Start-Up Assistance:

  • Assist with debugging of all equipment
  • Participate in start-up and acceptance testing of process equipment
  • Assist with booth balancing activities
  • Review all balance and test data generated by the contractors during start-up
  • Final acceptance testing, as required by client

Finalization of the Job:

  • Prepare punch lists
  • Assure updating and accumulate all contractor’s as-built drawings
  • Accumulate spare parts lists and equipment manuals from all contractors
  • Develop a check-out plan with end dates to ensure contract compliance
  • Establishment and implementation plan for contractor and vendor’s training programs


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